Alcoa Aluminum Wheel 24.5" x 8.25" Hub-Piloted 10-Hole
Shown in Dura-Bright® EVO finish

Alcoa Aluminum Wheel 24.5" x 8.25" Hub-Piloted 10-Hole

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LvL ONE High Polish Both Sides

24.5" Wheels

The standard for lighter, brighter, stronger.

Most fleet managers prefer 24.5" of strength, durability, and shine. With LvL ONE® technology, Alcoa 24.5" wheels are the lightest on the market. Converting eighteen Alcoa aluminum wheels on a tractor trailer saves 648 pounds over a set of steel wheels. In addition, these wheels run cooler, are easier to maintain and help enable the highest payloads.

Alcoa 24.5" wheels also fit certain applications of medium duty applications, helping lower your vehicle operating costs while improving its image.

Extend your productivity, lower your operating costs, and improve your image with 24.5" aluminum wheels from Alcoa. They're the lightweight heavyweight.


Dura-Bright® Durability

Even after hundreds of washes and thousands of miles, Alcoa Dura-Bright® wheels maintain their shine.

And, because Alcoa Dura-Bright® Technology is a surface treatment not a coating, it won't chip, crack, peel or corrode. And never needs polishing. No other manufacturer can offer you that. You can't say that about coated wheels, which scratch, filiform corrode and discolor in commercial applications. Only Dura-Bright® wheels use a patented surface treatment that penetrates the aluminum and becomes an integral part of the wheel. And, they are the only wheels that come with a five-year limited warranty against defects in materials, workmanship and corrosion.

Now your wheels can look their best with less effort than with any previous steel or aluminum wheel. So, you save money and time and still hit the road with good-looking wheels on your trucks and trailers.

Alcoa Advantage

Along with faster, easier cleaning and maintenance, you get all the advantages you've come to expect from Alcoa aluminum wheels, including:

  • less weight for increased payload and greater fuel efficiency
  • better heat dissipation for extended tire and brake life
  • higher resale value (historically up to $1,500 on trucks with regular Alcoa aluminum wheels--Alcoa Dura-Bright® wheels may result in even more)
  • one-piece, forged-in strength
  • the widest selection of wheels and wheel accessories in the industry

  • Leave it to the company that invented the first practical aluminum truck wheel in 1948 to come up with Dura-Bright® wheels, the next revolution in wheel maintenance.


    TR454D valve stem included and pre-installed with each aluminum wheel purchase!

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