Continental Truck Tire HDR2-11R24.5 Drive
Continental HDR2

Continental Truck Tire HDR2-11R24.5 Drive

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Continental Truck Tire HDR2-11R24.5 Drive

Standing for ÒHeavy Drive RegionalÓ the HDR2 is great for regional and long haul drive positions in on/off highway service.


The wide, open shoulder tread design yields very good all-weather traction, and the chamfered tread block geometry is able to withstand higher drive axle torque with reduced drive tire wear issues like tearing and cracking. Patented groove technology also leads to minimal stone retention, extending the casing life, and the HDR2 is built on the Conti 3G casing for maximum retreadability.


  • Load Range: H
  • Catalog Number: 5220430000
  • Loaded Radius: 20.6 in.
  • Overall Diameter: 42.2 in.
  • Overall Width: 11.6 in.
  • Approved Rim Size: 8.25 or 7.50 in.
  • Minimum Dual Spacing: 12.5 in.
  • Revs per Mile: 468
  • Tread Depth: 30/32 in.
  • Max Speed: 75 mph
  • Max Load Per Tire Single: 7160 lb, 120 psi
  • Max Load Per Tire Dual: 6610 lb, 120 psi
  • Tire Weight: 147 lb

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