Rhodes Works HD Liner UHMW 3/8" Thick x Custom Length (price per linear foot length)
Installed Rhodes Works Liner in Aluminum Dump Bed

Rhodes Works HD Liner UHMW 3/8" Thick x Custom Length (price per linear foot length)

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Rhodes Works Heavy-Duty 3/8" Thick Liners

The Rhodes Works Heavy-Duty liner is manufactured from an ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene extrusion to produce a plastic liner designed for heavy-duty hauling. When compared to HMW liners, UHMW liners are 3-5 times more resistant to wear. Heavy-Duty liners are suitable for larger rock and heavier hauling. This liner can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. We recommend against hauling any asphalt with this grade of liner. For an asphalt-capable liner, see LIN-G1210ASPHALT (below in Related Items).


  • Tough liner for heavy and larger rock
  • Better sliding surface
  • 3-4 times more wear than HMW
  • 5 Year warranty available
  • UV protection
  • Eliminates freezing
  • High impact strength
  • Added water protection
  • Temperature range: +180¡F to -86¡F
  • Color is black.

    How to Measure and Order

    Provide us with all the dimensions listed above (see diagrams), and we'll cut and score your liner to precisely fit your truck or trailer bed. Measure your Overall Length L to the nearest 1/8" and enter this number into the "L" field above. Go up to the nearest whole number, and this is the "Quantity" of feet you will order. For example, if the overall length, L, measures 18 feet 7 and 5/8 inches, enter 18' 7 5/8" or 18' 7.625" into the L field, and enter 19 into the Quantity field.

    Please be careful to measure all dimensions to the nearest 1/8" to ensure best fit. Also, review your entries carefully before ordering. Once the liner is fabricated to your specifications it can not be returned.


    L: Overall Length

    S: Overall Length minus Hoist Well Length

    F: Hoist Well Width (including any gussets)

    G: Hoist Well Length

    W: Total Flat-Bottom Width

    E: Straight Distance from Start to End of Corner or Radius (measurement is same for both, but specify Straight or Radius Corner in Options)

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